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Safety group suggests side underride guards for trucks

West Virginia motorists might be safer if large trucks have both rear and side underride guards according to crash tests done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the spring of 2017. In two crash tests, the IIHS had a passenger car collide with a 53-foot dry van trailer in the center. In the first test, the trailer had a side underride guard. In the second test, it had a fiberglass side skirt. The intended function of this skirt was improved aerodynamics and not to protect against an underride.

Fatal trucking crashes in West Virginia

Each year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration releases a Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report. The 2015 report indicates that the number of accidents that involve large trucks and result in fatalities rose by 8 percent. Large trucks are trucks that weigh at least 10,000 pounds.

Roadcheck inspection blitz will focus on secure cargo

From June 6-8, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be conducting commercial truck safety inspections as part of its International Roadcheck inspection blitz in West Virginia and around the country. For this year's inspections, the CVSA will focus on the importance of cargo securement. This is a regular part of Level I inspections, but the CVSA wants to emphasize how it important it is.

Company seeks to advance autonomous truck tech

West Virginia residents may be familiar with autonomous car technology. Now, a California company is developing a system that allows trucks to be driven remotely from an office. The goal is to increase driver safety and make the truck driving position a more appealing one. If the system is fully implemented, it may allow drivers to spend more time at home as opposed to on the road.

Study links poor truck driver health to higher accident risk

Truck drivers in West Virginia and around the country perform a challenging job that often requires long hours, and their health could impact their ability to drive safely according to a study conducted by a medical university. The researchers examined the medical records of almost 50,000 commercial drivers and compared their health conditions to data about their accidents.

Truck driver training regulations delayed

People who train truck drivers in West Virginia will need to navigate an uncertain regulatory environment. A 60-day delay imposed by the administration of President Trump on all new federal regulations has pushed the effective date for truck driver training standards out to March 21, 2017. The Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Vehicle Operators established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration might face further delays while under review by administration officials.

Accidents involving commercial trucks may be especially severe

Kanawha County is strategically positioned in West Virginia around the confluence of three interstates. As a gateway to all four points of the compass, the area receives its fair share of commercial truck traffic. While truck drivers are generally well trained and must adhere to strict regulations, accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks do happen all too frequently.

Thousands of tickets issued as part of enforcement campaign

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance mounts the Operation Safe Driver Week to help encourage safer driving practices on the roads throughout West Virginia and across the U.S. The enforcement program is designed to lower the number of injuries and fatalities that involve commercial vehicles. This involves issuing citations to both commercial and private passenger motorists.

Autonomous trucks may lead to major industry changes

The truck driving industry in West Virginia and the rest of the nation is likely to see major changes, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. The advent of autonomous trucks will spur major regulatory changes, infrastructure updates and better safety and efficiency.

Marijuana use for truckers prohibited

Although West Virginia has not enacted legislation to permit the legal use of marijuana for medical or recreational reasons, the state could encounter instances in which motorists involved in accidents test positive for THC. This is particularly important because some of West Virginia's bordering states have approved medical marijuana. THC metabolites could stay in a driver's system for extended periods after marijuana use, which could cause positive tests for someone who is not impaired.

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