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Railroad worker injuries and FELA

When West Virginia railroad workers are injured on the job, they must proceed under the Federal Employers Liability Act instead of under the state's workers' compensation program. The law, which was passed in 1908, is meant to protect railroad workers who are injured while working. Unlike workers' compensation, however, FELA is a fault-based law. This means that the railroad must be shown to have been at least partially responsible for the accident.

Preventing teen accidents

Far too many teens are killed in traffic accidents each year. It is important for parents in West Virginia and around the country to teach their children safe driving practices in order to reduce their risk of becoming another statistic.

Feds seeking to reduce traffic deaths to zero

West Virginia motorists who are concerned about the increasing number of fatalities on the nation's roadways as reported through June 2016 may be interested in knowing about the Obama administration's goal to completely eliminate traffic deaths and injuries in this country within the next 30 years. Named Vision Zero in 1997 when it first surfaced in Sweden, the zero deaths idea had since spread elsewhere and had been previously adopted in several U.S. cities before the Transportation Department laid out its plan for the nation on Oct. 5.

Couple sues numerous parties after truck wreck

In October 2016, a West Virginia husband and wife filed a lawsuit against several defendants for a tanker truck wreck that took place in 2014. According to reports, the husband was driving the truck when its wheels exploded on a downhill slope, sending the vehicle plunging into a guardrail and a bunch of trees. The lawsuit claims that the defendants, who apparently provided the truck, acted negligently by not ensuring it was safe beforehand.

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