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Does approaching a roundabout make you feel dizzy?

When two or more roads come to a meeting point, there are commonly traffic lights or stop signs to mark the intersection. These signals and signs work to ensure that you understand to stop your vehicle and check for oncoming traffic or other vehicles with the right of way before proceeding into the intersection. Of course, not everyone heeds the directions, and crashes are common at these crossings.

Program aims to reduce truck driver fatigue

Truck driver fatigue can be a major public safety concern for drivers in West Virginia and across the country. Given the size, weight and mass of the large trucks that commercial drivers control, keeping fatigued drivers off the road can be critical to preventing dangerous accidents and even saving lives. This is one reason why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance promotes an annual International Roadcheck across the country, focusing on compliance issues for truck drivers that could pose a risk to themselves and others sharing the road.

Introduction of new tech could reduce distracted driving

Recently, the National Safety Council surveyed drivers across West Virginia and the rest of the U.S. asking what they would do if their car or phone came pre-set with the ability to block communications while they were on the road. Out of 2,400 respondents, 55 percent said they would keep the blocking technology on while 23 percent said they would deactivate it. This gives hope that many drivers would take advantage of such technology once it's on the market.

What to do after a car accident

West Virginia motorists may wonder what they should do if they ever get in a car accident. The first thing a driver should do is stop the car even if there does not appear to be damage or injuries. However, it's also important to not assume liability or admit fault.

FMCSA reports rise in fatal truck accidents in 2016

As drivers in West Virginia may be aware, commercial truck accidents often lead to fatalities. Unfortunately, the number of such fatal crashes seems to be increasing. The newest data drill-down report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revealed a 3 percent increase in fatal truck crashes in 2016. There were 4,213 trucks involved in fatal crashes that year, compared to 4,074 trucks the year before.

How to keep workers safe while mining

If a coal mine explodes in West Virginia or elsewhere, it can be caused by coal dust, methane or a combination of the two. Methane can be controlled by using fans that help keep levels at lower than explosive concentrations. It is also possible to drill drainage holes to let the gas escape prior to mining.

New tech for fleets to invest in to fight trucker distraction

Data analysis firm Zendrive has found that 60 percent of drivers in West Virginia and across the U.S. get on their phones at least once while behind the wheel with 40 percent using their devices at least once any given hour. While phones account for 26 percent of all collisions, they're not the only distraction for drivers. Even letting one's mind wander constitutes a distraction.

Startup soon to develop software for truckers

With more than 3 million commercial truck drivers carrying 70 percent of the nation's cargo, the trucking industry is a vital part of the economy. It's also a hazardous industry with truckers putting in as much as 70 hours over an 8-day workweek. In fact, there are approximately 100,000 crashes every year due to driver fatigue. Truckers in West Virginia should know, however, that a new software company might soon be able to benefit the industry as a whole.

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