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Advocates want more rest areas to reduce truck driver fatigue

Truckers in West Virginia often count the miles until they can reach a rest area or truck stop when they feel tired. A new study from university researchers has identified a higher rate of trucking crashes caused by driver fatigue when rest areas are 20 or more miles away from accident sites.

Seeking appropriate compensation for your car accident injuries

After a car accident, you may find yourself dealing with much more than a few injuries. Serious collisions can leave West Virginia victims with serious physical damage, as well as medical bills, the inability to work and even temporary or permanent disabilities. Depending on the nature of your specific injuries, you may need extensive support and compensation to recover.

Study shows injuries more common in small vehicle accidents

Since the last recession, the rise in the number of vehicles on West Virginia roads has climbed along with the economy. The higher number of drivers has also lead to a higher number of injury claims made to insurance carriers. Researchers have used recent data to determine which makes and models are most frequently involved in car crashes with injuries.

How insurance may fare in an age of driverless cars

Experts have made predictions already about how the auto insurance industry will fare in an age of fully autonomous cars. Drivers in West Virginia may be interested to know that newer research differs from older in suggesting a less dire future for the industry. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has issued a report stating that the industry will likely evolve rather than disappear.

Slip and falls: what business owners should know

Premises liability law in West Virginia states that business owners have a "duty of care" to the lawful entrants of their property, including both customers and employees. When that duty of care is breached and an entrant is injured on the property, he or she could file a claim. Small business owners should know, then, how to prevent such claims from being filed against them.

Brake safety week combats negligent truck maintenance

West Virginians can face a major safety threat on the roadways from trucks with poorly or negligently maintained brake systems. The size, mass and weight of commercial trucks mean that when these vehicles have brakes that don't function properly, the consequences for truck drivers and all others on the road can be severe. Failing truck brakes can be the cause of severe motor vehicle accidents that lead to injuries and even fatalities. Because of the severe risk posed by this problem, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) organizes an annual Brake Safety Week to highlight the risk of truck brake violations.

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