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The problem with overconfidence behind the wheel

As a general rule, motorists in West Virginia and throughout the country feel as if they are good drivers. In fact, Americans tend to be even more confident about their abilities than those in other countries. One study found that about 90 percent of Americans thought that they were above average in terms of driving safely. The same study found that a little more than 75 percent of Swedes felt the same way.

Slip-and-fall injuries can yank the rug out from under you

Within the next hour, an average of over 1,000 people in the United States will slip or trip and fall. While many of these accidents will occur in the homes of the victims, others will happen in public areas as the result of someone's negligent actions. Most falls happen on same-level walking surfaces.

CVSA orders 11,897 vehicles out of service in Roadcheck spree

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance performed its International Roadcheck blitz of inspections. The blitz, which was held between June 5 and June 7, led to 67,502 inspections conducted on roadsides throughout West Virginia and the rest of North America. The majority of the inspections, 45,400, were categorized as Level I inspections.

FMCSA publishes proposed hours of service revisions

The amount of time that commercial vehicle drivers in West Virginia and around the country can spend behind the wheel is strictly controlled by federal hours of service rules. However, trade groups such as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have branded the regulations burdensome and overly restrictive. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration appears to have taken these criticisms seriously as it published a series of proposed hours of service revisions on Aug. 23 in the Federal Register.

Traffic circles can reduce injury crash numbers

When people in West Virginia drive on rural roads, they could encounter some very dangerous intersections. Despite the fact that these roads see relatively little traffic, the crashes that occur there can be serious for a number of reasons. These roads are commonly joined by only stop signs. However, they can have speed limits as high as 55 mph.

Study suggests distracted driving is a multigenerational problem

Millennials and Gen Zers in West Virginia and other parts of the country routinely are accused of being the group of drivers most likely to be distracted while behind the wheel. However, a Harris Poll study conducted with a leading car manufacturer suggests drivers in other generations may be just as likely to not be entirely focused on the road when driving. The results, based on two separate 2,000-subject studies, show that 90 percent of all individuals surveyed agree that there are more possible driver distractions today than what was common just five years ago.

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