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Drugs are a factor in a growing number of car crashes

While many people are already concerned about the effects of the opioid epidemic in West Virginia and around the country, studies indicate that those effects could extend to car accidents. According to one nationwide study, drivers in fatal two-car collisions held to be at fault for crashes were nearly twice as likely to test positive for opioids as those that were found not at fault. Regardless of the presence of opioids, other drugs, or alcohol, the most common cause of these fatal crashes was one driver veering out of his or her lane.

Defensive driving can avoid a drunk driver.

Few people in West Virginia desire to share the road with an impaired driver. Everyone now knows the danger a driver under the influence is to every other vehicle on the roadway. To avoid a potentially fatal situation, defensive driving techniques are in order.

Should you give a recorded statement soon after a crash?

After a car accident, you may feel immensely stressed for days. If you suffered serious injuries in that accident, your stress may last much longer as likely will your pain. Though you may feel traumatized after the event, you may still have a considerable number of obligations to address, especially when it comes to handling the aftermath of the accident.

New safety measures recommended by the NTSB

In an effort to improve the safety of the nation's highways, the government commission on highway safety recently put out of list of ways to reduce large truck accidents. Though tractor-trailer crashes are a lower percentage of all highway accidents, the fatality rate per crash is usually higher. Drivers in West Virginia may experience safer roads if the measures are implemented.

Road Safe America recommends AEB, speed limiters for truck safety

West Virginia residents should know that large truck crash deaths continue to be a nationwide issue. Federal data shows that 35,882 people died in such crashes between the years 2009 and 2017. All but six states saw an increase in these deaths. According to the highway safety non-profit Road Safe America, many of these deaths could have been avoided through the use of vehicle technology.

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