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Eight most common factors in large truck accidents

There are more than 3.5 million truckers employed in West Virginia and across the U.S., making commercial trucking one of the nation's most common professions. This means, unfortunately, that truck accidents are also common. Below are eight of the most frequently reported causes of truck accidents.

Study shows women are more likely to suffer car crash injuries

The journal Traffic Injury Prevention has published a study, the results of which should interest women drivers in West Virginia. It turns out that, despite the use of three-point seatbelts and the more excellent protection afforded by newer model vehicles, women are at a higher risk for car crash injuries than men are. In front-end collisions, the most common car crash, women are 73% more likely to be injured.

Report lists best, worst cities for drivers in U.S.

In 2017, over 6,452,000 drivers throughout West Virginia and across the United States were involved in motor vehicle accidents. The data, which comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also details which cities in the country are the best and worst for car accidents.

Is insurance giving you the runaround after your accident?

One of your worst fears came true. You were in a car accident that left you with some significant injuries. You expected the responsible party's insurance provider to take care of you, or at least your own, but in your attempts to seek compensation for your losses, all you've been getting is the runaround or a complete denial of your claims. What can you do?

July 4: the holiday with the most DUI fatalities

According to ValuePenguin, the Fourth of July is the deadliest of six major holidays when it comes to DUI fatalities. West Virginia residents will want to think twice about going on a long road trip during this holiday. A total of 1,192 people died in DUI-related crashes on this day between 2010 and 2017. Memorial Day came in second with 1,105 fatalities. This was followed by Labor Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

J.D. Power study shows how ADAS prevents collisions

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, when they are used by drivers who know they must be alert and actively engaged in driving, can be a great help in preventing collisions. West Virginia residents may be interested to hear the results of a J.D. Power study that dates back to 2018. In that study, over half of participants said that ADAS had helped them avoid a crash in the first 90 days of owning a new vehicle.

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