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Study reveals three causes of truck accidents

Professional truck drivers understand the importance of driving safely and responsibly on West Virginia roads and others throughout the country. However, large truck accidents do happen, and according to one study, large truck drivers were likely to blame in 44% of such crashes. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) found that there were three factors that caused most collisions involving commercial vehicles. One of the main causes were brake problems with the trucks themselves.

AASM: Too many Americans are driving drowsy

West Virginia residents should know that drowsy driving is involved in an average of 328,000 car crashes every year. AAA claims that 6,400 of these are fatal. In a recent survey of 2,003 U.S. adults, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found out just how prevalent drowsy driving is. Roughly 45% of respondents admitted that they have had to struggle to keep their eyes open behind the wheel.

Causes of jackknife truck collisions

For people in West Virginia, truck accidents pose a serious threat on the road. Jackknifing is a particularly dangerous situation on the highway for tractor-trailer drivers to avoid. When a trailer jackknifes, the wheels on the trailer lose traction, and it swings up into a close angle with the cab of a large truck. The front cab or tractor can also jackknife although this is less common. Any pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles in the way may be crushed or seriously affected.

Study associates prescription opioids with fatal car crashes

Many West Virginia residents rely on prescription opioids to manage chronic pain. Some people take these painkillers temporarily for acute conditions, like a broken limb. According to a study published by JAMA Network Open, an association has been identified between deadly two-vehicle accidents and at-fault drivers who tested positive for opioid use.

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