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Human error causes some railroad accidents

Working on the railroad means that you're facing serious risks each day that you're on the job. One thing that you shouldn't have to deal with is the consequences that can come when you work with a conductor who is negligent. It is up to the railroad to determine whether conductors are trained and fit for duty. When they aren't, it's possible that other employees will suffer harm.

Don't miss out on any damages in your semitruck crash

This nation's highways are filled with semitrucks that haul goods all over the place. While most drivers are safe, there are some truckers who become distracted behind the wheel or take risks, which puts everyone around them at risk of suffering a serious injury in a crash.

Common causes of car wrecks drivers should avoid

Driving safely is a primary duty of every driver on the road. Unfortunately, not all drivers take this seriously. It only takes one negligent person operating a vehicle to cause a crash that leads to innocent victims being injured or killed. All drivers should remember that there are specific accident causes that are more common than others.

You don't have to accept the insurance company's first offer

Your day probably started out like any other, but by the end of it, you were in a hospital still reeling from what just happened. Another vehicle came out of nowhere and slammed into yours. Now, you suffer from serious injuries, and it may take you a substantial amount of time to recover.

Long hours may increase injury risk in mines

When people think about injuries in the mining industry, explosions and similar incidents frequently come to mind. What they might not realize is that many mining injuries stem from other, often preventable, factors. One of these is the length of each shift the miners work.

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