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Some automatic driving systems are already helping

The topic of self-driving cars is sometimes controversial in the United States. While there is evidence that they could massively reduce accidents by taking human error out of the mix, others worry that computer glitches and similar issues may simply cause new types of crashes.

What if the Train Horn Rule doesn't protect you?

Railroad crossings are pretty dangerous places. It's commonplace for there to be lights that illuminate and bars that come down at significant intersections and bigger cities here in West Virginia. These alert or safety systems aren't as abundant in smaller towns like Nitro, though. It's in areas like these that it's good that the Train Horn Rule, or 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 222, exists. Federal regulators enacted this bill to protect innocent individuals from being struck by trains.

Load issues that can cause a truck accident

Truck accidents happen for many reasons, and some of them are not as obvious as truck drivers getting distracted behind the wheel or driving while they're too fatigued to safely be on the roads. In fact, if the driver did not load the truck themselves, they may be able to argue that the accident wasn't even their fault. They could claim that the fault lies with the trucking company or the company that did prepare the load.

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