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Striking your head in a fall

People often think of falls from heights, such as falling off of a ladder, as the real danger. While these falls are dangerous, it's important to remember that even a simple slip-and-fall incident on the same level can lead to serious injuries. You do not have to be at any substantial height. Even slipping on a wet tile floor in a local store can be enough to cause a significant head injury.

What is a typical reaction time when braking?

Reaction times have a lot to do with accident odds in the car. Part of the reason that things like distracted driving, drunk driving and drowsy driving are so risky is that they all reduce your reaction times. In terms of braking, this time includes the following:

Is the truck driver or the company liable for your crash?

In many car accident cases, the assumption is that the driver who caused the crash is liable. There are minor exceptions to this, such as when a manufacturer defect causes an accident, but that's rare. Usually, the driver just makes a mistake.

Distracted driving doesn't always involve cellphones

If it seems like the drivers around you are not paying attention, you just might be right. Distracted driving is a widespread problem in every state, and West Virginia is certainly no exception. The scary thing is that you cannot control whether you share the road with the distracted drivers who are putting you at risk for serious injuries.

The edges of flooring changes are a hazard

Move from one room to another in any home or building and you may see a lot of changes in the flooring materials being used. It could be from a carpeted hallway to a tiled bathroom in a hotel, for instance, or just from one type of tile to another. Flooring around fireplaces is often made of stone and sits higher than the floor around it. Wood floors often switch over to tile or laminate -- or a composite material -- in the kitchen.

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