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Striking your head in a fall

People often think of falls from heights, such as falling off of a ladder, as the real danger. While these falls are dangerous, it's important to remember that even a simple slip-and-fall incident on the same level can lead to serious injuries. You do not have to be at any substantial height. Even slipping on a wet tile floor in a local store can be enough to cause a significant head injury.

The edges of flooring changes are a hazard

Move from one room to another in any home or building and you may see a lot of changes in the flooring materials being used. It could be from a carpeted hallway to a tiled bathroom in a hotel, for instance, or just from one type of tile to another. Flooring around fireplaces is often made of stone and sits higher than the floor around it. Wood floors often switch over to tile or laminate -- or a composite material -- in the kitchen.

Slip-and-fall incidents can lead to serious injuries

People who go into buildings expect that the floors will be cared for properly. They don't expect that they are going to come across conditions that could lead to them suffering injuries. Unfortunately, not all businesses take this duty seriously. Instead, some use lax safety protocol.

Keeping surfaces free from ice

Ice on a sidewalk or other outdoor surface can increase the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. This could result in business or property owners in West Virginia and throughout the country being taken to court. One common method of getting rid of ice is to lay salt down on wet and frozen surfaces. This will either melt existing ice or prevent it from developing.

Slip and falls: what business owners should know

Premises liability law in West Virginia states that business owners have a "duty of care" to the lawful entrants of their property, including both customers and employees. When that duty of care is breached and an entrant is injured on the property, he or she could file a claim. Small business owners should know, then, how to prevent such claims from being filed against them.

How slips and falls can occur indoors

Property owners in West Virginia and throughout the country are required to take steps to remedy issues that can result in an accident on their premises. If steps are not taken, they may be liable for damages a slip-and-fall victim may incur. Such accidents that occur indoors may be caused by wet or otherwise slippery floors. Floors could be dangerous if too much wax is applied or it is applied in an uneven fashion.

Flooring contributes to slip and fall accidents

Business owners in West Virginia who are concerned about the safety of consumers in their stores might be interested in the results of CNA's Slip and Fall Study Report. CNA, a company that provides risk management and insurance services to professionals and businesses around the world, found that half of the evaluated sites did not have a dynamic coefficient level that exceeded the 0.42 minimum threshold as determined by the American National Standards Institute. The results seem to indicate that the fall prevention policies enacted by many businesses may not take into account how flooring material and continued upkeep affect slip resistance.

Survey shows businesses underestimate slip and fall risks

Businesses in West Virginia and across the U.S. are underestimating slips, trips and fall risks in their facilities, according to a report. The miscalculation puts companies at risk for medical expenses, productivity losses and reputation damage.

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