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Safe driving week includes the issuance of thousands of citations

Operation Safe Driver Week is a program organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance to highlight the importance of truck drivers as well as passenger car operators following the rules of the road. From July 14 through 20, police gave out nearly 47,000 tickets as part of the week of action. Most of the citations were related to speeding. In addition to the 46,752 traffic tickets, drivers received 87,624 warnings for different types of traffic violations, including failing to wear a seat belt or minor maintenance issues that were not severe enough to pull a vehicle off the road.

Increased trucking regulations could save lives

Truck crashes can be devastating for people in West Virginia. Because of the massive size and weight of these vehicles, the effects of a collision are far more likely to be severely damaging or even deadly to others on the road. In 2017, 4,102 people were killed in trucking accidents across the country and many thousands more were seriously injured. Indeed, 82% of people killed in these crashes were drivers or passengers in other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

FMCSA proposed relaxed hours-of-service rules

Truck drivers in Virginia and around the country will be subject to less stringent hours-of-service regulations if revisions to the rules announced on Aug. 14 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are implemented. Organizations representing truck drivers and logistics companies have long called for more flexible regulations and claim that relaxing the rules could actually make the roads safer, but groups like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety oppose the changes and say that they will lead to more accidents and more deaths.

Brake hoses, tubing the focus of 2019 Brake Safety Week

Commercial truck drivers in West Virginia are likely familiar with Brake Safety Week, the annual inspection spree held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Across North America, enforcement officials stop CMVs at random to check for brake-related violations, putting any drivers who violate brake regulations out of service. For 2019, Brake Safety Week will take place from September 15 to 21.

Eight most common factors in large truck accidents

There are more than 3.5 million truckers employed in West Virginia and across the U.S., making commercial trucking one of the nation's most common professions. This means, unfortunately, that truck accidents are also common. Below are eight of the most frequently reported causes of truck accidents.

The complexities of truck accident cases: an overview

Determining legal liability after a truck accident is complex: more complex than with a car accident. Residents of West Virginia who were injured in a truck accident will want to know what are the factors that make this process complicated. The first is that most truck crashes end in severe injuries and even death, which makes a case more complex. Trucks are heavy, they take longer to brake to a stop and they cause a greater impact as a result.

CVSA to intensify traffic law enforcement July 14 to 20

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its annual Operation Safe Driver Week event from July 14 to 20, during which police in West Virginia and the rest of the U.S. will be ramping up the enforcement of traffic laws. Both passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle drivers can be stopped during these events and issued a warning or citation for unsafe behaviors.

As truck crash numbers rise, companies look to truck safety tech

Truckers in West Virginia should know that the number of crashes between trucks and passenger vehicles is rising. About 72% of fatalities in these crashes are the occupants of passenger vehicles, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Some trucking companies are thus turning to vehicle safety technology to respond to this deadly trend.

2019 International Roadcheck set for June 4-6

Commercial vehicle drivers in West Virginia, including truck and bus drivers, should know that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its 2019 International Roadcheck from June 4 to 6. During this annual event, CMV drivers across the U.S. will be subject to random inspections. Most of the inspections this time will be Level I inspections, which are the most comprehensive.

Deadly truck crashes spark calls for change

West Virginia motorists might very well be concerned about the rise in fatalities linked to trucking crashes. Due to the size and weight of semi trucks, a collision involving an 18-wheeler poses a severe threat to the lives and well-being of others in smaller passenger vehicles. While drowsy, drunk or distracted driving pose a threat in any vehicle, a negligent truck driver can do significant damage. Of course, truck accidents are caused by a range of factors. However, regardless of the reason, it is clear that the number of deaths is growing across the country.

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