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How drivers in West Virginia can avoid accidents

Drivers can do many things to reduce their risk for an auto accident, but it must begin before they get on the road. Vehicle maintenance is key because it improves steering, handling and acceleration. Good tires and brakes are especially important because they reduce stopping distance.

Newly licensed teens may be risky drivers

Teen drivers in West Virginia and across the country may be at their most dangerous to themselves and others on the road in the first months after obtaining their driver's licenses, according to one study. When teens have a learner's permit, they are required to be accompanied in the car by a parent or other adult. However, once they receive their licenses, they are able to drive alone. This shift from accompanied to solo driving can be more difficult than anticipated.

Study shows injuries more common in small vehicle accidents

Since the last recession, the rise in the number of vehicles on West Virginia roads has climbed along with the economy. The higher number of drivers has also lead to a higher number of injury claims made to insurance carriers. Researchers have used recent data to determine which makes and models are most frequently involved in car crashes with injuries.

How insurance may fare in an age of driverless cars

Experts have made predictions already about how the auto insurance industry will fare in an age of fully autonomous cars. Drivers in West Virginia may be interested to know that newer research differs from older in suggesting a less dire future for the industry. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has issued a report stating that the industry will likely evolve rather than disappear.

Introduction of new tech could reduce distracted driving

Recently, the National Safety Council surveyed drivers across West Virginia and the rest of the U.S. asking what they would do if their car or phone came pre-set with the ability to block communications while they were on the road. Out of 2,400 respondents, 55 percent said they would keep the blocking technology on while 23 percent said they would deactivate it. This gives hope that many drivers would take advantage of such technology once it's on the market.

What to do after a car accident

West Virginia motorists may wonder what they should do if they ever get in a car accident. The first thing a driver should do is stop the car even if there does not appear to be damage or injuries. However, it's also important to not assume liability or admit fault.

AAA Foundation says distracted driving is a serious issue

Some West Virginia motorists might be engaging in distracting behaviors while behind the wheel even if they disapprove of them. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found in a survey that almost 50 percent more drivers said they talked on a cellphone fairly often or regularly while they were driving compared to those who were asked a similar question in a 2013 survey. However, even though almost half said they had used handheld phones, more than half said they believed talking on the phone while driving was a serious safety issue.

NGA seeks to improve roadway safety

Drivers in West Virginia may be wondering just what can be done to improve road safety conditions. After all, traffic fatalities are now on the rise again after several years of decline. In 2016, there was a nationwide total of 37,461 traffic fatalities, which was 5.6 percent more than the previous year. The increase was felt by 39 states in 2016.

Automobile warning systems can help prevent crashes

Drivers in West Virginia and across the United States may be avoiding collisions and staying safer on the roadways due to automotive warning technologies. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that systems like lane departure warnings or blind spot alerts can play a major role in cutting down the number of car crashes, particularly those that cause injuries. The IIHS study looked at over 5,000 car accidents in 2015 of the type that these systems are intended to prevent.

Distracted driving and how to prevent it

Experts believe that distracted driving may be a cause in the rise in traffic fatalities across West Virginia and the rest of the nation. Smartphones have proven to be one of the most frequent sources of distraction, with 52 percent of users stating in a Consumer Reports survey that they have texted, sent emails, browsed the Internet, and watched videos while behind the wheel.

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