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Couple sues numerous parties after truck wreck

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Car Accidents

In October 2016, a West Virginia husband and wife filed a lawsuit against several defendants for a tanker truck wreck that took place in 2014. According to reports, the husband was driving the truck when its wheels exploded on a downhill slope, sending the vehicle plunging into a guardrail and a bunch of trees. The lawsuit claims that the defendants, who apparently provided the truck, acted negligently by not ensuring it was safe beforehand.

After the truck accident, the husband had to be treated for potentially fatal injuries. The lawsuit claims that he experienced extreme emotional and physical pain and ultimately ended up incurring significant medical costs. As a result of his injuries, he also lost wages for which the lawsuit seeks compensation.

In their lawsuit, the couple sought to have the defendants submit to a jury trial to determine whether they should pay damages. Depending on the final verdict, they could also be found collectively and individually liable for court costs, interest and other forms of relief. News sources say that the plaintiffs believe the defendants could have done more to prevent the accident, like inspecting the tires and brakes and maintaining the vehicle properly.

There are many contributing factors to vehicle accidents. While survivors who want to seek damages may feel that it’s obvious who the at-fault party is, they need to consider the fact that manufacturers, employers and vehicle owners can all play a part in wrecks. Before bringing lawsuits against these parties, they may wish to talk to an attorney who can help them target the appropriate party or parties and potentially increase their likelihood of winning a favorable judgment.

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