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West Virginia Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

It seems like insurers have the final word on claims and other policy issues. Sadly, these companies do have a lot of power and entire legal departments dedicated to protecting their interests. But insurance companies are still bound by the law and standards of ethical conduct. When they unfairly deny your claim, cancel your policy or otherwise fail to meet their obligations to you as a policyholder, you can fight back with the help of an experienced attorney.

In Nitro and surrounding areas of West Virginia, look no further than the Peyton Law Firm, P.L.L.C. As personal injury attorneys with decades of experience, we go up against insurance companies nearly every day. We understand how they operate and which tactics they use to delay or deny claims. More importantly, we know how to push back and fight for the rights of our clients.

Did Your Insurer Act In Bad Faith When Denying Your Claim?

Insurance companies maximize their bottom lines by denying claims or settling as cheaply as possible. They are all too happy to take your premium payments but may not be there for you when you have a claim. But insurers are bound to honor both the terms and the spirit of your policy. That is, they are obligated to find reasons to cover a claim rather than just reasons to deny it.

You may have been a victim of insurance bad faith if your insurer:

  • Denied your claim without providing a reasonable explanation
  • Did not conduct a thorough investigation into the claim
  • Took an unreasonably long time to process the claim or issue the payout
  • Misstated or otherwise misrepresented the terms of your policy
  • Made unreasonable demands for proof/documentation or baselessly accused you of fraud
  • Failed to respond to your claim or other communications in a timely manner

Unfortunately, insurance companies have a lot more power than the average policyholder does. But if you feel you were wronged, it is worth exploring your legal options in consultation with an attorney.

Put A Lawyer On Your Side When Appealing A Claim

Whether it is with homeowner insurance, auto insurance or medical insurance, most of us have had at least one frustrating insurance experience. Even if your insurer’s actions do not rise to the level of bad faith, it can still be very difficult to appeal a denied claim on your own.

The good news is that having an attorney on your side can make the process easier and help you present a much stronger appeal. Our lawyers can help you determine why your claim is being denied and will advocate aggressively to ensure your insurer is upholding their policy obligations.

Learn More In A Free Initial Consultation

From our office in Nitro, West Virginia, our attorneys at the Peyton Law Firm represent clients from Charleston to Huntington. We offer free initial consultations so that you can tell us your story and learn how we can help. To get started, call us at 800-681-9555 or submit an online contact form.