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Was Your Auto Accident Claim Unfairly Denied? We Can Help.

All vehicle owners in West Virginia must carry car insurance. Unfortunately, many people who reliably pay their premiums each month discover that their insurer is not as reliable when it comes to paying claims. At Peyton Law Firm, P.L.L.C., this is a problem we see all the time. Our insurance claim attorneys regularly help clients appeal unfairly denied accident claims and, when necessary, pursue litigation for insurance bad faith.

How To Appeal An Auto Insurance Claim

From the very beginning of the appeals process, it is critical to hold on to all paperwork, email communications and other correspondence, and to take notes on the details of any phone calls. You may have no case without recorded evidence.

When your insurer denies your claim, they will need to state a reason for doing so. If no reason was provided, that should serve as a red flag that they may be acting in bad faith. If they do provide a reason, however, your next step is to check their stated reason against the terms of your policy. You are essentially looking for proof that your insurer violated the policy in some way.

Denied claims can be appealed. When contesting the reason for the denial, ask that a supervisor at the insurance company review the claim. If you still have no success, you should contact our office to discuss your legal options with one of our insurance claims attorneys. We can help you make a final demand to the insurance company, and we will be prepared to help you pursue a bad faith claim if your insurer refuses or otherwise fails to adequately remedy the wrongful denial.

Can You Sue Your Car Insurance Provider For Bad Faith?

In West Virginia, policyholders can sue their insurers for bad faith if the claim was denied without a reason or for an erroneous reason. Other grounds for a lawsuit are discussed on our insurance disputes page.

Because insurance companies have entire legal departments protecting their interests, they may not take your appeal seriously unless they know you are represented by an attorney. Our lawyers have decades of experience, and we negotiate with insurers nearly every day. We know the tactics they use to wrongfully deny claims, and we know how to combat these tactics.

By pursuing bad faith litigation against the company, we may be able to help you get the claim paid, and we can also seek additional damages on your behalf, including punitive damages, when appropriate.

Discuss Your Options During A Free Consultation

It can be difficult to determine whether you have grounds for a bad faith claim. That’s why we offer free initial consultations, allowing you to discuss your case with us and learn about your legal options at no cost or obligation. From our office in Nitro, we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of West Virginia. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experience insurance claims attorney, reach out online or call 304-755-5556.