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Hurt By A Dangerous Product? Our Firm Is Here To Help You Seek Justice.

Any company that wants to manufacture or sell a product must assume reasonable responsibility for its safety. When consumers are injured by a dangerous and defective product, they can usually hold manufacturers and/or retailers accountable in a product liability lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been harmed, our attorneys at the Peyton Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can help you seek full and fair compensation for your injuries and other losses. We are among the most prominent personal injury firms in West Virginia, and we have a long history of successful advocacy on behalf of clients.

What It Takes To Win A Product Liability Lawsuit

There is a seemingly endless number of ways in which a product may defective and dangerous. However, for litigation purposes, plaintiffs must usually allege one or more of the following:

Defects in design: There was a problem with the way the product was designed, meaning that all copies of it will be defective and dangerous.

Defects in manufacturing: There was a problem with how the product was manufactured or assembled. This could mean that only certain copies or “batches” of the product were defective.

Failure to warn: Nearly every product comes with some potential dangers, and it is up to manufacturers and retailers to provide adequate warnings as well as instructions for safe and proper use. Your injuries may have occurred because the manufacturer didn’t disclose known hazards.

In addition to substantiating one of the allegations above, you will also need to prove that the product defect was present when it left the manufacturer or retailer, and that the defect caused or played a major role in your injuries. These can be difficult elements to prove, which is all the more reason to work with an experienced personal injury attorney like those at our firm.

Examples Of Product Defects

As mentioned above, products can be defective in countless ways. Examples of dangerous and defective products that might lead to a lawsuit include:

  • Electronics that can overheat and burst into flames under normal use
  • Automobiles air bags that inflate with too much force and explode, injuring or killing passengers
  • Collapsible baby furniture that collapses at the wrong time, injuring or even suffocating infants
  • Failing to warn consumers that chemicals meant to be used around the house or garage contain harmful vapors and must only be used in a well-ventilated area

Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for clients who have been injured by the negligence or other wrongful actions of product manufacturers and retailers. We will fight for you, too.

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