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Trust Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claim To Our Experienced And Caring Injury Attorneys

Auto accidents continue to be a leading cause of injuries and death in West Virginia, Ohio and nationwide. Although they are commonly referred to as “accidents,” most crashes are caused by the negligence and bad choices of other drivers and are therefore preventable.

If you’ve been seriously injured or lost someone you love because of a negligent driver, our attorneys at the Peyton Law Firm, P.L.L.C., want to help you seek justice and compensation. Since 1994, our attorneys and support staff have been working to set the example for what a law firm should be: Effective in and out of the courtroom, highly professional and dedicated to the success and well-being of clients.

Let Us Deal With Insurance Companies While You Focus On Recovery

Although insurance is intended to help victims of auto accidents, insurance companies often make the process more stressful and needlessly complicated. Insurers want to protect their own bottom line by denying claims or settling for as little as possible. Most people find it difficult or impossible to negotiate a fair settlement offer on their own or to appeal a rejected claim.

The good news is that we can fight these battles for you. Our firm has been operating since 1994, and our lawyers go up against insurance companies all the time. We are well aware of their tactics, and we know how to work around them to help move your claim forward.

Taking Legal Action After A Drunk Driving Accident

Anyone who drives drunk risks injuring or killing others (as well as themselves). The act of drunk driving is both negligent and criminal in nature. As such, the drunk driver may face prosecution as well as a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

In addition to helping you take civil action against the drunk driver who struck you, our attorneys can also determine whether a bar or restaurant may share liability. Under West Virginia’s “dram shop” laws, businesses that serve alcohol can be held jointly liable for a drunk driving accident caused by their patrons if they provided alcohol to a minor or continued to serve a patron who was already visibly intoxicated.

Other Common Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Drunk driving is just one of many forms of negligence that commonly lead to automobile accidents. Others include:

When you hire our firm, we immediately set to work investigating the details of your accident and determining fault. Then we carefully calculate your medical bills, lost wages, property loss, pain and suffering, and other damages to maximize available compensation.

Tell Us Your Story During A Free Initial Consultation

Our attorneys at the Peyton Law Firm represent personal injury clients in and around Nitro, West Virginia, as well as southern Ohio. We are ready to put decades of experience to work for you. To get started, you can submit an online contact form or call us at 800-681-9555.