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West Virginia Slip & Fall Lawyer

If you get hurt in a store or on another person’s private property, it makes sense that the property owner should bear legal responsibility for your injuries.

This is true, but the reality is that lawsuits against property owners are notoriously difficult to prove. If you’ve slipped and fallen on spilled milk at the grocery store, for example, the spill will be cleaned up before you can get legal advice. How do you prove that you slipped on spilled milk and didn’t trip over your own feet? How do you prove that the grocery store somehow acted carelessly by not cleaning up the spilled milk before you slipped and fell?

The Peyton Law Firm — West Virginia And Throughout The Tri-State Area

Although slip and fall cases seem straightforward on their surface, they can become very complex. At the Peyton Law Firm, in Nitro, West Virginia, we have had success with slip and fall accident cases and premises liability claims, including cases that other lawyers turned away in the belief they would fail to obtain compensation for the client. We handle a wide range of slip and fall accidents involving:

  • Poorly maintained pathways
  • Defective ladders and railings
  • Faulty manhole covers
  • Improperly built scaffolding
  • Wet floors

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For more than 30 years, the Peyton Law Firm has helped people throughout West Virginia and Ohio with wide variety of premises liability lawsuits. Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. Call 800-681-9555 or send us an e-mail.