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When Personal Injury Turns To Permanent Injury

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2016 | SSDI

It could have been a car crash or a truck accident, a serious slip and fall or criminal assault, but you were hurt by someone else’s negligence and now you have permanent injuries that mean you can no longer work.

What’s the next step? Sure, you’ve gotten your wages covered and your medical bills paid, but how are supposed to live day to day-how are you going to pay your mortgage and take care of your family?

SSDI-The Next Step

If you have an injury that will keep you from working for a year or more, you may be able to collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI.) SSDI pays you monthly and your benefits continue as long as you continue to have a disability and maintain an earned income lower than $1130.00 per month (2016 threshold.)

How Do I Apply?

The process of applying is an arduous one. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will require medical records from any physician or psychologist you have seen. They may also require that you be examined by one of their doctors. In addition, they will ask you to complete a lengthy form that details your disability and how it affects your daily activities, family relationships and lifestyle.

For example, if you were a regular church-goer, but your disability is keeping you from participating in that activity, Social Security will use that to help their determination. Similarly, if you were an active parent who is no longer able to care for your children without help, the SSA will consider that in their determination.

Because the questionnaire is long and detailed, having the help of an attorney is beneficial. In addition, an attorney can help determine your date of disability and work with the SSA to get you all the benefits to which you are entitled.

Don’t Wait, Contact An Attorney

The longer you wait, the more difficult your financial situation becomes. SSA can take up to six months to make a decision. If you are approved, your benefits may be retro-active to the date of your application, or, if you can provide information to prove the disability has been present for some time, may even pre-date your application submission date.

There are many rules and regulations to SSDI-these rules on based on federal laws. Knowledge of these laws is not essential in dealing with the SSA, but it is highly recommended and can improve your chances of qualifying for the maximum benefit amount. If you have been injured and now find you cannot work, consider talking with a qualified SSDI attorney.