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Speed filter apps and dangerous driving

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Car Accidents

Motorists who travel the roadways of West Virginia and other states across the nation may want to know about the possible dangers of using the Snapchat speed filter while behind the wheel. Following a number of incidents involving excessive speed, catastrophic injuries and loss of life, news reports suggest that the appealing, what-I-am-doing-in-the-moment application may actually encourage dangerous driving.

Although Snapchat has issued a statement that discourages use of the speed filter while operating a motor vehicle, one consumer safety blogger says that filters like this one should probably be taken down. She claims that while the novelty of the app may be appealing, its only purpose is to capture users driving at excessive speeds on video.

Incidents linking the Snapchat speed filter to reckless driving support this claim. In one, five lives were lost nine minutes after a 10-second cell phone clip was posted that allegedly showed the driver accelerating to 115.6 mph after first attaining a speed of 82.6 mph. The driver then lost control of his vehicle, crossed a median, and crashed nearly head-on into an oncoming minivan. In addition to the app user and his passenger, the driver of the van and two of her children were killed. Three additional people were also r injured during the incident.

In West Virginia, a motorist who is seriously injured in a car crash due to the negligence of others may be entitled to compensation for losses that are incurred as a result. An attorney can often review the police investigation report and other evidence such as the testimony of eyewitnesses in order to determine the party or parties that should be held financially responsible.