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Immediate steps to take following a car crash

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur at any time on any West Virginia road. Because they do happen so quickly, it can be difficult for a driver who was not at fault to know what steps to take. This can can depend on whether or not there were serious injuries caused by the crash.

If a person did not suffer severe injuries, he or she should check on any others who were involved and assist if able. If no one is seriously injured, all of those involved should move the vehicles out of traffic to prevent further potential damage. If a person is seriously injured, he or she should not be moved and an ambulance should be called. Law enforcement should also be called if there are serious injuries or serious damage to one or more vehicles.

If no serious injuries were suffered, the person should get important information from the other driver. This information includes the other driver’s name, address and phone number. The insurance company name and policy number, in addition to witness contact information and photographs of the accident, should also be gathered. Even if the person did not cause the crash, his or her own insurance company should be contacted as they could assist with legalities.

Following a serious traffic accident, the liable driver’s insurance could deny the claim, making it more difficult for an injured person to seek compensation for the damages sustained. A personal injury attorney could gather the appropriate evidence, including the police report and witness testimony, to strengthen the claim. The attorney may also assist with negotiating an agreement with the insurance company that provides an appropriate amount of compensation to cover the injured person’s medical costs, pain and suffering and other associated damages.