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Was it a drunk driver or a drowsy driver that caused the crash?

These days, that question may be more relevant than you think. Most West Virginia residents have driven when they were really too tired to do so at one point or another. The fast pace of today's world doesn't really encourage you to get a sufficient amount of sleep.

Many people text and drive while believing it should be illegal

According to a study, the majority of motorists believe that texting and driving should be illegal. However, the same study shows that the majority of drivers are still confident in their own texting and driving skills and thus still engage in this risky behavior. This could be a concern for travelers on West Virginia highways.

Reducing accidents with daytime running headlights

In West Virginia and throughout the United States, headlights are usually used only during inclement weather and at night. However, researchers have found that that even during the day turning on headlights makes automobiles more visible, resulting in a reduction of automobile accidents. Many drivers have not been educated on the benefits of using their headlights during the day, and so they may not turn them on.

Survey shows businesses underestimate slip and fall risks

Businesses in West Virginia and across the U.S. are underestimating slips, trips and fall risks in their facilities, according to a report. The miscalculation puts companies at risk for medical expenses, productivity losses and reputation damage.

Collision avoidance systems save lives

Collision avoidance systems are helping to make roads in West Virginia and across the United States safer. A study, which was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, examined the effectiveness of lane departure warning systems and blind spot warning systems.

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