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Slow drivers present problems for others on the road

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Car Accidents

People who drive under the speed limit can cause as many accidents as fast drivers. If individuals drive at a slow speed in the left lane, other drivers may hurry around them. This action can result in a serious crash. Every state, including West Virginia, has its own laws regulating speed on highways to prevent traffic jams and accidents.

There are several reasons people drive at a slow rate of speed. Slow drivers may be distracted by texting, eating or other behaviors. As a result, they decrease their speed on the road and become unaware of the other drivers around them. Unfortunately, their actions can cause fatal crashes. According to Carnegie Mellon, 20 percent of car accident injuries in 2009 involved distracted drivers.

Furthermore, many beginner drivers are uncertain about their driving skills and may slow down below the speed limit. Tourists are another group that tends to drive below the minimum speed limit. Most tourists are unfamiliar with the area and traffic regulations. Mature drivers may also drive at a slow speed on the road due to vision problems and other disabilities.

There are some ways to urge slow drivers to move over to the right lane. Drivers can wait until the slow drivers move out of the way. If this does not work, they can flicker their headlights or tap their horn. Most slow drivers will recognize these gestures and move out of the way to avoid an accident.

Individuals who have been injured in collisions with slow drivers should contact a personal injury attorney. A legal professional may be able to help them receive damages for their injuries and expenses caused by a slow driver.