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How slips and falls can occur indoors

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Slips And Falls

Property owners in West Virginia and throughout the country are required to take steps to remedy issues that can result in an accident on their premises. If steps are not taken, they may be liable for damages a slip-and-fall victim may incur. Such accidents that occur indoors may be caused by wet or otherwise slippery floors. Floors could be dangerous if too much wax is applied or it is applied in an uneven fashion.

At a minimum, a property owner may need to post a sign warning an individual that a floor is wet or close off the wet area entirely. If floors are treated with a slippery substance or not treated evenly, that may also result in a person falling. Stairs can also create dangerous conditions that could lead to a fall. For example, a stairwell could be missing a railing or be covered by debris.

Waxing or treating stairs may also cause them to become slippery and increase the chances of a fall occurring. If there is an escalator or elevator on the property, its owner may have a higher duty of care to those who use it. Falls could occur if clothing gets stuck in a door or if the elevator or escalator comes to a sudden or unexpected stop.

Individuals who experience neck and back injuries or any other harm after a fall may be entitled to compensation. This might be true if a home or business owner failed to create a safe environment for a guest or client. Compensation may be available to pay for past or current hospital bills as well as any future medical care needs. Other damages may also be included, and an injured victim may want to talk with an attorney about the matter.