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What to do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

West Virginia motorists may wonder what they should do if they ever get in a car accident. The first thing a driver should do is stop the car even if there does not appear to be damage or injuries. However, it’s also important to not assume liability or admit fault.

After the people and vehicles involved are checked for damages or injuries, police should be contacted. In most cases, it’s better not to move vehicles. While one may collect facts about the accident, they shouldn’t discuss anything else with the other party. Vital information includes the name and contact information for the other motorist as well as the license plate number and insurance information. If possible, one might want to call the insurance company from the scene of the accident.

It is also important to collect information about the accident itself, including the date, time and location. One can also note weather conditions and take down contact information for any witnesses. Furthermore, taking photos that show damage as well as the position of the cars can be helpful. As soon as possible, one should write down their own account of the accident before they forget the details.

When a traffic accident occurs, the responsible driver may be held financially liable for any medical expenses or other costs incurred. If the associated insurance company offers insufficient compensation, the injured victim might want to consult an attorney. It may be possible to file a lawsuit against the driver who is responsible. An out-of-court settlement might be offered, or the case may go to court.