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How can you validate your claim for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you are unable to work due to a serious injury or medical condition, you understand how difficult it can be to navigate the financial and legal complications you may experience. When you cannot work, you are unable to earn an income to support your West Virginia family and address your basic medical needs. However, you could be eligible for disability benefits.

Simply having a diagnosis of a serious medical condition is not enough to secure disability benefits. When you apply, you will have to prove you are truly unable to work by including various types of documentation and validating evidence. Even with documentation and a completed application, many initial applications come back denied.

How can you prove your disability?

Many people with physical and mental limitations find that their claim came back denied for the reason that they did not include enough evidence to prove they are suffering from a valid disabling medical condition. While denials are common for first-time applicants, it is still useful to understand how you can reduce the chance for complications and how you can prove your disability.

The Social Security Administration holds a strict view of disability. If a person is only partially disabled or will only have a disability on a short-term basis, he or she is not eligible for SSDI benefits. The SSA requires you to prove you cannot do the same work you did before, you cannot do other types of work and your disability will last for a period of at least one year. Some types of documentation you can include to prove these things include the following:

  • Doctors notes
  • Extensive medical records
  • Information from other experts
  • Records of how your disability impacted your life

If you are applying, you may find it helpful to seek guidance in order to know how to complete your application and walk through the process with as few complications as possible.

Securing the help and support you need

If you cannot work due to a disability, you understand how important it is to secure financial support through the SSA. With much at stake, you will find it beneficial to obtain the help you need to fight for the full amount of benefits you deserve.

One step you can take is to seek a complete evaluation of your case before you begin. This can provide you with an understanding of your rights and your legal options as a disabled individual.