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Driving while tired can lead to serious accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Car Accidents

Most West Virginia residents readily accept that sleep deprivation has a negative effect on mood, attitude and efficiency. People often comment that when they are tired, they are grumpy and find it difficult to concentrate. Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate how seriously fatigue can affect their driving abilities.

To make this point clear on World Sleep Day in 2019, Ford invited young drivers to try its ‘Sleep Suit” in a controlled environment. This suit is meant to help drivers experience the debilitating effects of sleep loss. When a person has remained awake for more than 18 hours, their senses may be impaired to the point that they could be compared to a drunk driver.

The ‘Sleep Suit” uses a mixture of ankle and armbands combined with a cap and a vest that all weigh approximately 18 kg. The overall effect gives an individual insight into how it feels to drive while tired. In addition to the suit, the specialized goggles simulate the way that the brain could begin to shut down after a person has not slept for a long period of time. It starts by blocking the driver’s vision for less than half a second. Then, it increasingly extends the time of blocked vision up to 10 seconds.

This blocking of the vision is designed to stimulate the microsleeps a person might involuntarily experience when they drive while tired. The only cure for being intoxicated is to sober up. The only cure for driving while tired is to get some sleep.

If someone gets hurt by a drowsy driver, a personal injury attorney could help file a claim for compensation. With legal assistance, the victim could obtain a settlement that covers damages.