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Steps after a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

Couples in West Virginia who are going through a divorce are likely to find the experience exhausting. It’s understandable to look forward to when the process is over. However, once the divorce is finalized, there are still some actions that they may have to take.

The first thing exes should do is straighten out their medical insurance situations. Someone who was on a spouse’s medical insurance will have to obtain their own medical insurance. For those individuals who carried their spouse on their medical insurance, they should advise their insurance carrier of their new marital status and have their ex removed from the policy.

Divorcees may also want to change their names. When they go through the process, they should have a certified copy of the divorce judgment. They will want to update their name everywhere their name is listed.

If the ownership of the family home will stay just with one spouse, it will be necessary to update the title of the property. This can be done with the completion of a quit claim deed. Also, the mortgage for the home will also have to be changed, which may require a refinancing. No matter what is stipulated in the divorce judgment, someone whose name is still on the home will still be considered a part owner.

Other assets that may have to be retitled include trucks, cars, motorcycles, boats and trailers. An individual can obtain the necessary forms from their nearby DMV. They should also make sure to update their auto insurance so that it is in their name only.

A divorce attorney may work to protect the interests of a client going through a separation. Litigation may be used to obtain favorable terms regarding the division of assets, such as homes and financial accounts.