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Tips for safe winter driving in West Virginia

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Car Accidents

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With the winter comes snow and rain. The roads then become icy and slippery, putting innumerable drivers in West Virginia at risk for a car crash. There are ways to at least reduce the risk for a crash, though, and these can be boiled down to a few simple tips. First of all, drivers should determine not to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Once on the road, drivers must slow down. Even going the speed limit may be too fast as the tires will lose traction. Drivers should then keep a distance of five to six seconds from the vehicle in front so as to allow for the longer stopping distance in icy, snowy weather.

Accelerating and braking should be gentle maneuvers. Apply slight pressure to the accelerator with the heel. When possible, try not to come to a complete stop because accelerating from such a position can lead to the wheels spinning. Instead, try to keep momentum when approaching red lights. Braking is easy with ABS and features like electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, but drivers must still know how this technology works.

Going uphill, drivers won’t want to slow down until they reach the crest. Gain forward motion on the flat portion of the road. Never feed gas on the incline, or the wheels will spin.

These are basic safety tips. Neglecting any of them can lead not only to a collision but also to a claim if the other side is injured. According to West Virginia personal injury laws, Victims, might have a legal claim if they are less than 50% to blame for the crash. To see if their case is a strong one, victims may want to consult a lawyer. If retained, the lawyer may assist with negotiations and more.