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Using artificial intelligence to reduce distracted driving

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Car Accidents

West Virginia residents may be surprised to know that at least one person dies every day in the United States because of car crashes caused by distracted drivers. About 100 people are injured every day for the same reason. Automakers are trying to attack driver distraction by using artificial intelligence and visual monitoring technology.

If these systems produce positive results, automakers will likely be legally required to provide them in new vehicles. By the end of 2020, the United States and Europe are already required to include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in new vehicles. These systems offer more safety, including autonomous emergency braking and warnings for forward collisions.

Safety advocates say that engineers need to find a way to develop warning systems that drivers do not become conditioned to. As opposed to using the same alarm that could eventually just become white noise, they are looking at combining alerts, perhaps changing the color of the dashboard or automatically disabling the radio.

There are a variety of steps that have been taken by government and other agencies to warn individuals about the danger of driving while distracted. However, a study that was performed in 2016 showed that nearly half of the participants admitted to reading text messages, checking social media or using their phones to look for directions while driving.

Distracted driving is costing society in the United States over $40 million every year. Car accidents caused by such negligence often lead to serious injuries and death. An individual who has been the victim of a car crash caused by a negligent driver may wish to speak with an attorney. Legal counsel could prove who was at fault and help an injured individual get the compensation they deserve.