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CVSA’s inspection blitz scheduled for early May

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | Truck Accidents

In West Virginia and across the nation, large trucks are a constant on the roadways. Since these big vehicles can cause a lot of damage, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has a yearly International Roadcheck inspection blitz to help encourage compliance with federal safety regulations. The 2020 inspection spree has been scheduled for May 5-7

While the International Roadcheck has traditionally been held in June, the CVSA moved it forward to allow for more favorable weather in certain jurisdictions. The inspection blitz will be held throughout much of North America, including West Virginia. During the inspections, the drivers will be checked for compliance with the electric logging device (ELD), that their commercial driver’s license is in order, that they have their medical cards and more. In addition, the vehicles will be inspected based on the 37-point North American Standard Level I.

In 2019, these inspections led to more than 2,700 drivers and 12,000 trucks being taken off the road. The top out-of-service violations involved drivers going beyond the hours of service regulations (37.2% of the total). This was followed by wrong class license (22.5%) and false logs (14.7%)

Although these inspections are meant to catch drivers or trucks in violation, this does not mean that all forms of negligence will be prevented. Drivers might speed to get to their destinations as quickly as possible and companies might cut corners for financial reasons. If such negligence leads to a truck crash, any injured party may want to file a personal injury claim. A lawyer could help a plaintiff through the filing process.