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Truckers aren’t always the cause of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Semitruck crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries that can cause negative impacts on the victims’ lives. These individuals might choose to seek compensation for their injuries, but they will need to know the cause of the accident, so they can ensure they are holding the appropriate parties liable on the claim for compensation.

There are many things that can lead to a semitruck crash, so be sure to look into the circumstances of the crash. Many times, it seems as though the trucker is to blame, but there might be something deeper going on.

Sometimes, the issue is trucker fatigue because they’ve been driving too many hours and not sleeping enough. This may be partially due to tight deadlines that the trucking company sets. The Hours of Service guidelines require that they not drive longer than 11 hours before they take a 10-hour break. There are times when these rules are relaxed to allow the transport of critical goods during a declared national disaster, so truckers are at an increased risk of fatigue during those periods.

Another primary issue is other motorists. People who cut in front of truckers and those who ride in the blind spots around the truck or trailer can also cause crashes. Unfortunately, this can sometimes injure other people who are on the roadway if they’re struck by the truck because of the other vehicle.

Improper maintenance or incorrect load securement can also lead to crashes. Defective components on the rig can also cause crashes.

Making sure you’re seeking compensation from the appropriate party is imperative. You’ll need to show how the parties you name are liable for the damages you’re claiming.