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You only have 2 years to take legal action after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Car Accidents

A person who’s involved in a car wreck is likely going to have some injuries. Some of these might be catastrophic. For those who suffer an injury in a wreck that’s caused by another person’s negligence, the thought of being responsible for their own medical care and other crash-related expenses might be infuriating. We’re here to help you work to shift the financial responsibility to the liable party because no victim should be left with the bills for these situations.

The damages you face might be considerable. They can include medical transportation, including being air-lifted or taken by ambulance, the emergency room care, hospitalization, follow-up visits and therapy sessions. Medication costs are also an expense. You may even need personal care assistance, which is another financial consideration for you.

On top of the medical costs, you might also be impacted by a reduction or cessation of your income. These can also be factored into the claim that you make against the negligent driver. For some people who are in a wreck, the loss of income and the increase in expenses are incredibly stressful and might have a negative impact on their ability to focus on healing after the crash.

You only have a limited time, two years, to seek compensation for the crash in West Virginia. We know that this might seem like a long time, but you’ll be surprised at how fast it slips by as you work on healing. We can work on your behalf to get your claim filed within this time, but be sure to get the process started as soon as possible after the crash.