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An overview of potential ankle injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Slips And Falls

The ankle is made up of three bones, a tendon and a joint capsule called the synovium. The tibia is what makes the inside of the ankle portion of the anklebone whereas the fibia makes up the outer part of that bone. The ligaments and tendons in the ankle hold the joint together. When a West Virginia resident slips and falls, it is possible to injure the bones, joint or tendons.

If a person experiences a sprain or strain, the ligaments in the ankle have been stretched or otherwise injured. However, the bones are usually spared of any damage. Regardless, a person who suffers an ankle sprain or strain can experience severe pain and limited movement. It may take several months to recover from such an injury. Torn tendons or ligaments may also result in significant pain and difficulty walking on the injured ankle.

Bones may or may not be broken or otherwise damaged depending on the severity of the injury. If the talus or another bone that connects with the ankle joint are broken, an individual may have permanently limited function at the site of the injury. Ankle fractures are considered significant injuries that may take a lengthy period of time to recover from.

If a person slips and falls because a negligent business owner failed to mitigate dangerous conditions, such as a wet floor in a supermarket, the injured victim may require lengthy periods of expensive medical treatment. An attorney can often be of assistance in seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses through a premises liability lawsuit filed against the at-fault party.