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Keeping surfaces free from ice

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | Slips And Falls

Ice on a sidewalk or other outdoor surface can increase the risk of a slip-and-fall accident. This could result in business or property owners in West Virginia and throughout the country being taken to court. One common method of getting rid of ice is to lay salt down on wet and frozen surfaces. This will either melt existing ice or prevent it from developing.

When laying rock salt or other materials, it is important to spread it evenly. Doing so can help to protect the concrete it is being spread on while helping to protect those walking on it. Those who have wood steps may also want to use salt sparingly as it can eat away at them. It may also be worthwhile to use a sprayer or other tool to put the salt on the ground as it could dry out skin.

There are alternatives to salt such as using a mixture of water, dish soap and rubbing alcohol. However, this solution may only be short-term fix, and it may need to be reapplied repeatedly until the temperatures warm up. Home or other property owners may also consider using heated driveways or sidewalks to keep ice away. If the ice is relatively thin, it may be possible to break it up with a shovel or similar object.

A negligent homeowner or business owner may be held liable for injuries that occur on their property. Negligence may include failing to remove ice from a surface or not warning an individual about the danger. Those who are injured because of another party’s negligence might be entitled to compensation. This may help to pay their medical bills or other damages related to the accident. It may also help to make up for lost wages or future earnings.