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Slips and trips at stores come from several reasons

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Slips And Falls

Going shopping shouldn’t be a dangerous experience. Unfortunately, some retailers don’t take customer safety seriously. They might leave hazards around the business that put the people who are coming to procure goods in danger.

There are several things that can put customers at risk that store employees need to be aware of. One of the most obvious of these is wet spots on the floor. These are common when it’s raining because people who come into the store may have water on their shoes. This can make the entryway slick. Businesses can use mats, fans, and wet floor signs to help keep customers safe.

It’s also possible that there will be spills in the store that can cause people who slip or trip. They can’t think only of wet spills. Other items, including things like spilled food, can cause customers to lose their footing. Getting these cleaned up quickly and clearly marking any that aren’t addressed immediately can help to keep everyone safe.

Customers who are injured in a slip and fall should ensure they have an incident or accident report filled out. They shouldn’t be held liable for paying the applicable bills, and having the report taken care of might help them if they opt to pursue legal action.

Anyone who’s injured in a shopping incident may choose to seek compensation for the damages they suffer. These damages can include everything from the cost of medical care to the wages they were unable to earn because of the injuries. It’s imperative that they take legal action quickly because there are strict time limits that apply to these cases. Failing to act within that time limit can mean you won’t be able to do anything.